Our Company

ACIS is customer service.

Located in both St. Joseph and Duluth, MN, we continually work to become industry experts offering you the best service and products as your partner in business. Learn about our journey to become the best distributor and partner for you below.

Doug starts his career

Doug began his career in the auto industry in Fargo, ND; growing quickly from delivery to sales to working the counter and everything in between. Doug soon saw the opportunity to serve the St. Cloud area, so he volunteered to cover the region for the company, beginning his long-lasting relationships with shop owners in Central MN. The St. Cloud shop was named Auto Color & Bumper Supply.


Doug pursues ownership

Doug became aware of the opportunity to purchase Auto Color & Bumper Supply and quickly began the process of becoming a store owner.


Doug becomes Owner

Doug officially purchases Auto Color & Bumper Supply in St. Cloud.


Company expands

Auto Color & Bumper Supply continued to expand and added routes to the Duluth, MN area.


Move to St. Joseph, MN

Auto Color & Bumper Supply moved from St. Cloud to their headquarters in St. Joseph, MN, seeing an opportunity for expanding their space offering more products.


Rename to Auto Color & Industrial Supply

The company was renamed to Auto Color & Industrial Supply after deciding to focus more on customer service and  providing industrial products and supplies like paint and coatings; focusing less on auto body parts.


Remodeled St. Joseph location

ACIS remodeled their St. Joseph, MN headquarters to:


  • Expand the paint mixing room providing more coatings,
  • Add a classroom to offer continuing education for customers, and
  • Update the offices and warehouse.

ACIS expands to a permanent store in Duluth, MN

ACIS officially expanded into Duluth, MN with their second warehouse location. After purchasing a former body shop, ACIS remodeled it into a store and added two (2) more team members to run it. The store maintains its spray booth to offer customer training.


ACIS today

ACIS St. Joseph has five (5) sales representatives and two (2) in-store reps while ACIS Duluth has a staff of two (2) sales reps and two (2) in-store reps.

Who's behind the great service at ACIS?